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How the FAT LOSERS! Program Works

MTI is a 12-week Teleclass designed to teach people how to control their thoughts, feelings and attitudes as it relates to the weight loss process. Before you begin the class, you’re responsible for choosing your diet and exercise program, as well as the amount of weight that you want to lose. MTI is not a diet; it’s a multi-dimensional mental toughness training and support system that works in concert with your diet and exercise program of choice.

As a participant in the Fat Losers Program, your daily routine will consist of:

1. Complete homework questions
10 minutes
2. Listen to 1 programming CD
12 minutes
3. Make 4 – 5 one-minute call to other POD members
5 minutes
4. Required reading
10 minutes
5. Stay 100% compliant on your diet
0 minutes
6. Stay 100% compliant on your exercise program
0 minutes
Total Time Invested Daily
37 minutes

Weekly, participants will be asked to:

1. Participate on Team calls
60 minutes
2. Update personal points
1 minutes
3. Listen to MTI Process CD
60 minutes
4. Complete Reality Check Exercise
10 minutes
Total Weekly Investment
2 hrs. and 11 minutes

*Requirements for the class: You must have access to a computer, and be able to get into the Internet. You must have a home phone or cell phone that you’re able to receive up to 5 one-minute calls on per week. You must be serious about losing your extra weight once and for all.

In your Fat Losers Kit you’ll receive 2 instructional CDs, 4 programming CDs, and 12 Mental Toughness Institute Process CDs. (one for each weeks lesson) 2 books. The MTI workbook is located online.


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